Sunday, October 28, 2012

40 years ago...

Mom and Dad at the Pacific Crest Trailhead in Snoqualmie Pass
Forty years ago my dad finished the Pacific Crest Trail, becoming one of the first to hike it from start to finish. A few things have changed since then, but the Washington and Oregon sections of the trail were well-established even in 1972 and are mostly the same today. We stopped at the trail head for the PCT/Kendall Katwalk hike in Snoqualmie Pass today to commemorate the occasion.

Some of my favorite things that have changed since the early days of through-hiking are that my dad and his friends never slept in tents (unless there were bugs), they usually cooked on campfires instead of stoves, they carried books and a checkers board, and they had never heard of purifying water (or giardia). It is a little bit liberating to remember that we don't have to sleep in a tent when we're camping - if it's clear and warm, why not sleep outside? I think I will stick with my water filter though.

My dad has been typing up his trail journals and already has his Appalachian Trail journal online. Next up is his PCT journal.


  1. I still don't use a water filter - ever. I even drank out of a stream with Nora just yesterday. Giardia is WAY over hyped. One in eight of us has it at any one time anyway. It's another of those fears like terrorists and bears that have taken over Americans of late.

    And guess what - when going light I still don't use a tent either! We just use a tarp to keep off the dew and rain.


  2. Unfortunately giardia does really suck for people who get sick with it - like Ryan. He's just getting over it now.