Sunday, October 14, 2012

Apple Harvest

For some reason we keep getting more apples off our tree each year we live in this house. The first year we had none (in fact we didn't even know it was an apple tree), the second year we got 10 lbs, last year we got 15 lbs, and this year I've already harvested 23 lbs with a few more on the tree!

After the 30 lbs of plums we harvested last month and the gallons of huckleberries I picked this year, plus the all the frozen salmonberries and rhubarb my mom sent home with me, I've put up a sizeable amount of canned goods - more than any other year so far.

I've made four batches of applesauce so far as well as cranberry sauce with apples. The VitaMix has been a lifesaver for the applesauce production - I don't peel the apples. I just quarter them, cook them until their soft and then blend them. You would never know there are peels in there!

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