Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hiking Highland Mountain

Highland mountain is the peak across the valley from our condo that we look at everyday, therefor I needed to climb it.  There is no trail up Highland mountain so my friend John and I scouted the satellite images and picked a route up the north side that seemed least bushy.  After dropping a car at a friends house in the south fork of Eagle River we started up.  From the road we followed a zigzagging bulldozed trail up a few hundred feet to a nice bench were we started bushwhacking.  With all the leaves gone we found the alders and devils club quite manageable.  Soon we were on tundra and within an hour and a half we were on the ridge.  The views from the top of Highland were great and the puffy clouds made for these nice photos.

Michea and John on the North Face of Highland Mountain

View of Eagle River from Highland Mountain

View from Rendezvous Peak

Highland Mountain as seen from our home
From Highland we continued down through a saddle and over Mount Gordon Lyon to the ski area of Alpenglow then along the ridge over Rendezvous Peak.  The wind was very strong along the ridge tops but I really can't complain given that it was otherwise quite warm for late October.  In the end we covered about 6 miles and perhaps 4000 feet in elevation gain.  Some how it felt like quite a bit more.  I guess I need to get back in shape for the ski season, or rather the ski season will get me back in shape.

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