Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rapids Yurt

View up Eagle River Valley from Rapids Yurt
Rapids Yurt
We've been enjoying unseasonably warm weather here. I'm sure it doesn't look warm in the photos, but it was in the mid-50's when we spent the night out at the Rapids Yurt past the Eagle River Nature Center last weekend. It's a little strange to be hanging out in 50-something degree weather when there's not a single leaf left on any trees. But we'll take it! Ryan was reading through the guest book at the yurt and saw that someone recorded that is was 18 degrees on the same date a couple of years ago. On our strenuous 1.7 mile hike out there (I joke) we were actually worried about keeping the fire going all night. Ha! By the time we went to bed it was so hot we decided to leave the door open for a few minutes. I laid on my sleeping bag on the floor wishing the fire was out already.

These yurt are really nice (as far as camping goes) and come stocked with firewood. Pretty convenient since the trailhead is only 20 minutes from our house! The only big excitement of the trip was seeing a black bear checking out the deck when we came back from a morning stroll on Sunday. No pics, we were too busy yelling at the poor little curious bear as it lumbered off into the woods.

Ann Marie, Kristin, and me on the river
Sunday morning view

Kristin, Ann Marie, Ryan, and me at the yurt

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