Monday, March 24, 2014

A few more photos from Fairbanks

from the Ice Park in Fairbanks
I was just doing a major iPhone photo dump (for the first time since getting an iPhone in 2008, I filled it and had actually clean it off). I came across this gem of a sign from the Ice Art World Championships in Fairbanks a couple of weeks ago and had to post it.

I also had to post this one (for which I hope Brooke doesn't kill me):

And this one. After napping for 90% of our trip to the ice park, baby L decided to wake up and try his first ice slide. Apparently sitting on ice is pretty much the greatest thing ever if you're this kid. It's a good thing he lives in Fairbanks.

And a few from the indoor conference-type stuff.

Some of our very best Seattle friends who we are very happy moved to Alaska at the same time as us (we'll forgive them for moving to a different part of Alaska than us).
Some of my favorite Alaskan archaeologists (all the way from Seattle and Boston) who I usually only get to see in the summer!

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