Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I couldn't ask for better weather for a quick work trip to Kotzebue - it's in the 20's and sunny everyday. In Alaska, March and April are certainly the best parts of winter. There is still snow and ice for easy travel but the days are long and the temps usually aren't terrible. Kotzebue does have a lot of wind, but it's been in the 20's during the day, so even with a little wind it's not too bad. Hopefully I'll be back to Kotzebue later this spring and summer when the days are really long. Right now there's a little more than 12 hours of daylight since the equinox was just a few days ago, but since Kotzebue is so far to the west in this giant Alaskan time zone, the sun is up from about 9:00am to 9:30pm. It was suggested that we start work at 7 tomorrow morning, but I think we've decided on 8 - I don't see the need to start in the dark when the sun is up until 9:30 at night!

My co-workers checking out the waterfront

A dog musher running on the ice

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