Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fresh Snow in Eagle River

Last week our weather was pretty gray and boring. On Friday after work I went into the gym for an hour and when I came out Eagle River was in a total blizzard (no windows in the gym, so I had no idea until Ryan texted me a picture of the snow). Even when I checked the NOAA forecast it said 1-2" overnight. Instead it snowed all night and we got about 8" at our house. Some places in Anchorage got over 20".

We needed the snow! All the snow that was still left around town was dirty and the new stuff certainly brightens it up and makes the city not look so yucky.

Today we walked down to the river in front of our house. I've said it before but I'll say it again - sometimes we miss having a yard, but most days our view and front-door access to Chugach Sate Park more than make up for it. Even though the houses are packed in to this little development, Eagle River Valley is pretty spectacular.

Looking up toward our house

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