Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arctic Birthday

Some photos of salmonberries from Kodiak, just because
Biggest Russianberries I have ever seen
I flew back to Kotzebue this morning on my 30th birthday. I've been in some remote places for previous birthdays, but never above the Arctic Circle before. I was thinking recently about all the places I've been for my birthday in the past - here is the list:

29th: Anchorage/Palmer - my birthday was two days after we arrived in Alaska after driving up from Seattle
28th: Seattle
27th: Juneau
26th: Penguq Site, King Salmon River, Alaska Peninsula
25th: Susanville, CA
24th: Seattle (I left Seattle at 1pm and flew west across the International dateline and got gyped out of the rest of my birthday).
23rd: Aniak, AK
22nd: Fairbanks
21st: Iceland
20th: Fairbanks
19th: Dutch Harbor

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