Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kodiak Fishing Pictures

Alex and a little pink
Alex fishing at the mouth of Chiniak Creek at 11:00 at night

Alex and Dad pulling in a 45 lb halibut

9 halibut
Before time gets away from me, here are a few photos from my little fishing vacation to Kodiak over the holiday weekend. We did a little of everything - gillnetting, pole fishing, and halibut fishing from both poles and a long line. We found a sweet spot for halibut and got nine within a few hours - two on poles and seven on the long line.

The day we halibut fished it was HOT (Kodiak hot, of course, meaning warmer than 65F). Usually on the ocean there is at least a little breeze, but there was not much of one that day. If we'd had a ladder to climb back in the skiff I would have gone swimming!

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