Monday, July 28, 2014

Working and Photographing in Cordova

Cordova is a place I have wanted to visit for many years, but I have never had the pleasure until this last week.  Under blue bird skies we boarded the fast ferry Chenega in Whittier and sailed across Prince William Sound at an amazing 32 knots.  I brought along our digital SLR camera hoping to capture some good photos.  It was a good choice, the weather was nice most days and the scenery was great.  Cordova is a cute little town with a lots of rugged mountains, pretty boats, and wildlife.  I wish I had had more time to wander the town and learn more about the history, but on the other hand being out on the water all day was nice too.  I posted a lot of photos here because I just couldn't bring myself to narrow it down any further.  This is my favorite 16 photos out the 200 plus that I took last week.  Someday I would like to go back to Cordova with Molly and spend time learning more about the history and hiking trails in Chugach National Forest.

Iceberg in Portage Lake on the way to Whittier

Our survey boat the Latent Sea

Chugach Mountains near the Columbia Galcier

Compass Inlay on the floor of the Chenega

Mountains and flag from the deck of the Chenega near Valdez

The M/V Chenega

Boat in Orca Bay with Gulls

Old Cordova Public School

Fireweed overlooking Cordova

Overlooking Cordova

Cordova Boat Harbor

The Ruff & Ready


Porpose off our bow

The Northwestern set up to tender fish

Inside the Latent Sea

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