Saturday, September 6, 2014

Berry Picking Summary

We have had an amazing season for berry picking.  Recently I was thinking about how many different type of berries we have picked and came up with this list:

Salmonberries (From Kodiak)
Blueberries (From Eagle River, Kotzebue, and Sitka)
Highbush Cranberries (Eagle River)
Currants (Eagle River)
Crowberries (Eagle River)
Watermelon Berries (Eagle River)

It's no wonder our freezer is overflowing.  Soon we will start preserving the fruit into jams and jellies that will be enjoyed all year.  Not only do we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor (pun intended), but we have great memories from the experience.  Another perk is that we usually end up with enough for gifts to share with family and friends.  Here are a few more photos from picking this season.

Blueberries near home

Sitka blueberries

Watermelon Berries

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