Saturday, September 6, 2014

Serpentine Hot Springs

On my last day in Kotzebue three of us decided to splurge on an end-of-a-very-long-field-season gift to ourselves - a flight seeing trip to Serpentine Hot Springs in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve on the Seward Peninsula. Nothing about this flight seeing trip disappointed - the weather was absolutely perfect, the scenery was stunning, wildlife cooperated, and the destination was a hundred times more beautiful than I had imagined (even though I'd seen pictures).

Serpentine Hot Springs is remote, but it has a gravel landing strip, bunk house, and a new bathhouse with pipes bringing hot and cold water into a pool inside. We only stayed for an hour, but we got a long-enough taste to be very very happy (and to know we have to come back and spend a few days another time).

I read an article recently on NPR about how money can buy happiness when it is used to buy experiences, rather than things. That sounded like a good excuse to go flight seeing. I don't think our memories (and photos) will let us down.

The view from a hill near the hot springs

three very blonde  grizzlies

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