Saturday, February 21, 2015

Italy in Photos

The Amalfi Coast
This was our first big trip on which we did not take a dedicated camera; we only took our iPhones. With technology merging so much recently, it seemed silly to carry around our point-and-shoot camera when we both have fairly decent cameras on our phones, especially my iPhone 6. And, without a laptop or tablet, the only way we could upload photos to the blog or facebook was from our phones anyway. And what good is a vacation without a barrage of facebook photos??? Just kidding. Sort of.

I definitely do not like to take our DSLR camera (and all the lenses) on vacations unless photography is one of the main focuses of the trip. Besides being heavy and bulky, I don't like to have to worry about it being stolen.

I was surprised at how many tourists we did see in Italy using DSLR cameras. Most people were using their phones, but I actually saw a few with point-and-shoot cameras as well. That's what surprised me the most!

There are some things the iPhone camera is not great for, like distant scenery. On the other hand, I use the panorama feature frequently and love that it can give you a quasi-wide angle shot. The iPhone also does quite well in low-light settings (for a point-and-shoot type camera) and it takes nice silhouettes. These are my favorite [mostly] non-people photos from our trip:

I know I messed the Panorama up a bit, but I like the dramatic lighting of the Colloseum on this gloomy morning right before it hailed

Palatine Hill with a storm rolling in
A window into the past in Verona
Sunny Florence
Venitian Glass Chandelier
Matera - I know it's not in focus, but the photo still captures the feel

The Amalfi Coast

And, just for fun:

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  1. I got rid of my old point and shoot when John S took better pictures on our elk hunt with his iphone. So I went highest end point and shoot, and it is much, much better than an iphone (at least Zoya's iphone). For small pictures and blog posts Iphone photos are pretty good, but they don't blow up well, and often have a grainy quality. But you are totally right about iphones making point and shoots obsolete. However, I'd qualify that as CHEAP point and shoots.

    And like you I rarely use my big DSLR either. It's just too bulky and fragile. But I do my Canon GTX. It has almost the quality of a DSLR and all the controls (the sensor is the same size as a Canon Rebel), but it is almost point and shoot size. If you want small and high quality this type of camera is the way to go.

    But Iphones sure do do an amazing job for what they are.