Wednesday, February 4, 2015


The Grand Canal

We are in Venice and just happened to be here during some extreme high tides - when parts of the city flood. Yesterday morning it was high when we left our hotel but we weren't going far and we managed to get there without getting our feet wet by just taking a longer route. This morning though it was even higher and we only got a few minutes down the streets before we realized we weren't going anywhere without rubber boots. There are street vendors selling rubber over-boots everywhere, but we really didn't want to buy something we'd only be using for about 20 minutes to get where we were going (by the time we'd be done the tide would be going out). We are staying in a fairly nice hotel so we thought there was a chance the hotel might provide boots. We were right - they had a big box full of cheap rubber boots in a variety of sizes. Some didn't match; Ryan ended up with one green and one black boot, but they were the same size. But they were the right price and we didn't want to wait until the tide went down because the museum we were going to is only open in the morning.

On the busier streets they put up raised walkways during the high tides, but the problem was just getting from our hotel to the walkways. It's crazy to see water on city streets, in squares and even inside businesses. But they all just seem to have adapted to dealing with it.

Other highlights in Venice include enjoying the amazing glasswork (even though the glass museum is sadly closed this week), enjoying hot mulled wine and sangria where open container laws don't exist and window shopping.

Enjoying hot Sangria

Glass chandelier at the Correr Museum

High tide

Ryan on a raised walkway at the entrance to San Marco basilica

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