Sunday, February 22, 2015

Too Warm

Echo Bend of Eagle River
 The day we got back from Italy it was cold in Anchorage (single digits) but then it rapidly warmed up and the little snow we had has been melting away and the trails have turned into ice. Today in particular it was absurdly warm. Anchorage set a high record today at 47F. I went hiking in a long sleeve shirt with no jacket and no hat and I was hot.

At our house there is still a little snow on the ground, but out on the Eagle River Nature Center Trails there isn't a speck. Plenty of ice on the trail, but no snow.

I keep thinking that it looks and feels a lot more like a Kodiak winter than an Anchorage one, but Kodiak is even warmer this year.

Ann Marie and I at Echo Bend
*only hikeable with ice cleats!

Not a speck of snow

Echo Lake - lots of water on top of the ice

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