Saturday, March 14, 2015

Eagle River Walk

View up Eagle River Valley from our front yard
We have an incredible stretch over the last five days of sun and really cold [for Anchorage] temps. The highs this week were in the single digits and the lows just below zero. Today my digital thermometer said it got up to 25 at our house, but there was a little breeze that made it a bit nippy. Our regular thermometer seemed pretty confused by solar radiation because it was showing 55 degrees, which it most definitely was not.

Even though there's ice and a bit of snow around the river, it does not look wintery at all in most of Anchorage and Eagle River. I have had serious cognitive dissidence all week every time I look outside because it is SO sunny, light until 8:00 at night, and there is almost no snow. There isn't even any frost, it is so dry. What I see and what I know is true (that's is really cold), just do not compute.

The run is almost over though, in a couple of days it's supposed to be 46 degrees and raining. However, I took advantage of the chance to wear my knee-length down jacket which has only come out of the closet one other time this winter.

The trail from the river to the condos
One of the annoying things about the lack of snow and these weird freeze/thaw cycles is that many of the trails are glare ice, even where the surrounding forest is snow-free. If there wasn't so much ice, I'd like to be out trail running.

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