Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mile High Pass Coyotes

Taking advantage of the absurdly warm temperatures today, we hiked one of our usual trails, Mile High Pass. When we got to the pass we turned west, rather than our usual east and were lucky enough to see four coyotes ahead of us on the ridge. They watched us climb for a while, howled at us, and then took off.

Neither Ryan nor I have ever seen coyotes around here, but we did hear a few of them while hiking in Arctic Valley recently. We were just there at a lucky time today. It was clear from the footprints in the mud that another person had been up there earlier in the day, but had come and gone before we started around noon. While we were on the summit two other groups of people arrived, non of which got to see the coyotes.

The iPhone doesn't do much for distance shots, but you can get an idea of how the leader of the pack was watching us as we climbed the ridge.

Coyote under the red arrow and Teddy the dog finally noticing the canine strangers
zoomed in so you can see the coyote

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