Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Running and Hiking

Views while running in Eagle River
Between the half marathon I'm training for in June and the absurdly snow-free warm spring we are having, I've been inspired to get outside and enjoy as much of it as I can. On Friday night I did my first long run for my training - 7.7 miles. The last bit of it by accident - due to a mis-measurement on Google Maps, I thought I was doing a 6 mile loop until I got home and measured again (due to the large discrepancy between how fast I normally run and how long it actually took me).

Unfortunately many trails are still glare ice, so I'm keeping my running to the gym and sidewalks for now. With views from our neighborhood like those above, I can hardly complain. Hiking with ice grippers however, is totally do-able right now. Even on the peaks where there is snow, it is not deep and it's hard packed and easy to walk on.

On Saturday I hiked Wolverine Peak (my first time) with my cousin and another friend. By the end of that one (11 miles round trip), my legs were tired (my cousin had even hiked Bird Ridge on Friday!). But we all rallied for an easy hike in the South Fork of Eagle River on Sunday anyway. You just can't keep Alaskans inside when the weather is fine; no one appreciates 50 degrees like we do.

Emily, Ann Marie, and Max the dog on our way up Wolverine Peak
Ann Marie on Wolverine
Last push to the summit of Wolverine
View to the Northeast from Wolverine
Almost to the top!
Easy South Fork hike

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