Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not a Warm Weather Guy

It is so nice to be back in Seattle, despite the fact that I am only here for a two nights before I take off to visit Molly in Fairbanks! The 55 to 70 degree temperatures in Seattle today have reminded me that this is a nearly perfect climate. Working in Lexington Park, Maryland was a bit brutal for someone who grew up in Alaska. Temperatures there were often in the 90s in the afternoon and finding shade when you are working on the water is not always an option. Many times it was over 100 degrees inside of the survey boat due to the solar effect of the windows and all the computers and monitors contained in such a small space. At one point I saw 115 degrees on the thermometer! At the same time though Molly’s recent praise about life in Fairbanks has got me thinking about what it was like to live there for 7 years. I really can’t say I miss those -20 to -40 cold snaps. In the end I understand that everyone has reasons for living where they live and climate doesn’t necessarily rate high on everyone’s priority list. I guess should just appreciate Seattle while we are here because it might not last forever. The photo is of me trying to get some shade while conducting an electromagnetic survey in the surf zone last week. You will have to take my word that it was not nearly as pleasant experience as it looks, and no there is no cold beer in the cooler.


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