Friday, August 20, 2010

Old Harbor

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I’ve been in Old Harbor since Wednesday working on an survey. I am very excited to be in Old Harbor for the first time. We have been lucky enough to have three warm, sunny days and a beautiful area to survey. There are quite a few bears around town, but we have yet to see one. There was plenty of fresh bear scat on the trails yesterday though. This morning someone stopped us and told us there was a bear swimming in a pond just a few hundred yards behind us. We had just walked by there a few minutes earlier! He also had seen a sow and two cubs earlier that morning on the road near where we were working. I think we heard a bear in the bushes when we were surveying today, but we made plenty of noise and it probably took off in the other direction.
I am still amazed at the streak of nice weather Kodiak has had. Despite having our flight cancelled on Tuesday due to high winds, it was a beautiful day. Our flight on Wednesday was perfect and it has been 60 degrees and sunny ever since. I love the scenery in Old Harbor, it is very picturesque and different from Chiniak since there are no spruce trees.

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