Sunday, December 12, 2010

Escape from Penguq Video

Patrick and Zoya have made a wonderful video of our dig on the Alaska last summer (check out the link below to watch it). They did a great job with the video and I think it very clearly portrays the two most important aspects of our project: 1) the mosquitos were awful and 2) we had a lot of fun anyway. We really did have a great group of people who love archaeology, love Alaska, and didn't let a constant swarm of insects detract from a very cool experience and some exciting archaeology.

There are some great shots of us trying to "escape from Penguq." You'll see us walking through thick brush, standing water on the tundra, and even paddling across the river in Patrick's inflatable canoe. My favorite scene in the video is when Ryan turns to the camera with a huge grin on his face and gives a thumbs up - only the type of enthusiasm a real outdoors-man could have after hiking all day with no headnet! I'll let him explain the nude hiking scenes (all shots are, however, censored by backpacks or vegetation)...

You will also notice that it was rarely sunny at Penguq. While the vegetation seemed to green-up over the month that we were there, it paled in comparison to the lush greenery we saw when we arrived back in Kodiak. The day we left Penguq it was gray and as you will see, Kodiak was beautiful and sunny. We were reminded how nice it is to be home.

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