Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snowboarding and Skiing 2010

We have been thoroughly enjoying our season passes to Stevens Pass ski area this year. La Nina years are supposed to be great for snowfall in the Cascades. So far it has been pretty good. Yesterday was forecasted to get up to 9" overnight so everybody and their brother showed up at Stevens! There turned out only to be 3" of new snow though. The conditions were surprisingly good anyway - it was sunny and the snow was soft. We managed to avoid the crowds by staying in the trees and off the groomed runs.

I had a snowboarding "breakthrough" just in the last two weeks. All of a sudden I can snowboard black diamond runs no problem. I'm not sure why I got so much better, but it is definitely more fun! I learned how to snowboard two years ago and at the end of my six lessons I felt like I stayed at the same ability level for the next year. I had thought that I would take more lessons this year, but now I don't think I need anymore lessons. I've been able to snowboard everything Ryan has taken me down so far this year and I only had one major crash (it involved a tree and there were no serious injuries on either side).

I posted two videos, one of Ryan and one of me yesterday. I know I don't look like as much of a pro as Ryan, but you have to remember that two years ago I could barely make a turn on the bunny hill!


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