Sunday, January 9, 2011

A few more favorites from the Olympic Peninsula

Ruby Beach

North Fork Trail

Reflection in my sunglasses at Point of the Arches
 I promise this is my last post about the Olympic Peninsula (I can't promise for Ryan though)! The combination of perfect weather and beautiful scenery kept us snapping away with our camera. The top two are some of my favorite photos of Ryan that I have ever taken. His orange jacket and vest worked as a perfect contrast to the blues and greens of the water and mossy forests.

The bottom photo was sort of an accidental shot. I was attempting to simply take a self-portrait of myself at Point of the Arches. I ended up only catching the top half of my face in the photo and I almost deleted it as a result. Ryan noticed though that the reflection I caught in my sunglasses was kind of cool, so he zoomed in that this is what he saw. I cropped the photo just to have my sunglass lens and the reflection. I think what we ended up with is a pretty cool and unique photo!


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