Sunday, January 23, 2011

Table Mountain Cabin

This weekend I joined a group of friends for a ski into a forest service cabin in the eastern Cascade Mountains. The Cabin is situated on top of Table Mountain and was a 7 mile ski in from highway 97. In the summer the cabin is road accessible so the ski in was not too steep as it followed the road. That said, the trail did gain 2000ft in elevation. Until about two weeks ago we had been having a great winter for snow, then we got hit by some really warm weather and rain. There was plenty of snow for the ski in but no soft snow for playing in. The cabin was well equipt and fire wood was even provided, all we had to do was split it. We used a sled to bring in group gear and food; we ate very very well. The cabin was rented for two nights which gave us all of Saturday to tour around tand enjoy the views from the edge of Table Mountain. From the top of the cliffs that surround much of Table Mountain we could see many of Washington's larger peaks including Mount Adams and Rainier. On Friday it was mild and we had clear skis both nights for star gazing and enjoying the nearly full moon. Saturday was also my friend Ryan's birthday. We celebrated by going for a late night ski in the moon light and spelling out his name with headlamps for the camera. I am certain it is a birthday he won't forget.

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