Monday, March 14, 2011

The Ice Park and Conference

Tara, Bobby, Calum, and me
I just got back last night from the Alaska Anthropological Association Conference in Fairbanks. I'm so glad I went. I saw lots of friends from the Alaskan archaeology world, met several new people, and got to see presentations about all kinds of exciting and new research in Alaska. It really makes me look forward to the field season this summer.

After the conference was over on Saturday I met some friends at the ice park. One of the coolest things to do in Fairbanks in the winter is to go to the world ice art championships. I used to go every year when I was in college and I was really glad to be able to go on this trip. I've always gone at night before because they put lights on the sculptures, but it was fun to go in the daylight this time (and warmer!).

The sculptures area always amazing, but they also have an awesome kids play area with slides, a maze, and other fun icy things. My friend Tara's kids loved the slides and maze. Only the promise of hot chocolate got them to agree to leave. They begged to have their photo taken with practically every sculpture which made it funny that when we tried to take some group photos at the end, they hid their faces!

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