Monday, March 21, 2011

Off to Iceland!

The forecast for Reykjavik for the next few days
We are sitting in the living room with our bags packed, just waiting for a friend to pick us up in 45 minutes to take us to the airport. We've been checking the weather in Reykjavik for the last couple of months. It was very often warmer in Reykjavik than Seattle. Last week Seattle turned the corner to spring though, and Reykjavik did not. We are prepared for all kinds of weather, but even then, I will be perfectly happy to spend my spring break soaking in a hot spring if it's too nasty to do anything else.

These are things I am looking forward to in Iceland:
- hot springs
- geysers
- the famous Icelandic hot dogs
- skyr (a dairy product somewhat similar to yogurt, but not really)
- ice cream (Iceland does all dairy products well)
- visiting friends (one from college and a couple from my fieldschool in Iceland)

Things I'm not looking forward to:
- sitting on a plane for 7 hours
- the price of gas

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