Sunday, March 20, 2011

New member of Seattle Mountain Rescue

Last Thursday I was accepted as a new member to Seattle Mountain Rescue (SMR). SMR is a volunteer organization that works under the direction of the King County Search and Rescue Association. Members of SMR are considered highly capable of performing search and rescue operations in steep and mountainous terrain were other search and rescue groups may not be capable of operating. To become a member of SMR you must demonstrate that you posses adequate of medical and mountain training and experience and commit to remaining active. As a new member I will be participate in training offered by SMR such as Rigging for Rescue and training offered by the King County such as Helicopter Safety and Crime Scene awareness. When my background check is complete and all paperwork is in order I will be able to begin participating in missions as a novice under the direction of a more senior member.
I am excited to be working with like-minded individuals who what to use their skills, knowledge and time to contribute to society. I am sure I will soon get to know many interesting people in SMR and participate in a very broad range of missions.
If you want to learn more about SMR check out there website.