Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ebey's Landing

I love the "super macro" feature on our point and shoot camera!

Ryan testing out his new backpack (a bit overkill for this hike)

Jay and I descending the bluff
Things are getting extra busy for us as the field season starts up. Ryan leaves tomorrow for two weeks in Maryland and I leave next Sunday for two weeks in Kodiak. We managed to fit in one short hike on Whidbey Island at Ebey's Landing today with some friends though. It was a perfect easy hike with a beautiful view of Puget Sound. The weather was even on the nice side and it supposedly hit 60 degrees. We are still having the coldest spring on record though, in case you were wondering.

Unfortunately for the blog and all the readers, I think posts are going to be fewer and shorter as the field season gets going. I doubt Ryan will have much time to write while he's in the field and I will definitely not have internet when I'm on the Karluk River surveying in a week! We will post when we can, but apologize in advance for the lack of updates. =)

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