Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Bike to Work Month!

What my parents pay in Kodiak to fill up their full-size pickup truck.
May is bike to work month! Given the price of gas, maybe more people are participating this year! Gas is over $4/gallon here and every time I drive by a gas station I wince. Luckily we don't use our car very often so we only have to fill up once a month (when it's not ski season). When I was in Kodiak last month though it cost $92 to fill up my parents full size pickup. Ouch! Even the price of gas in most of Alaska is nothing compared to Iceland or many other parts of the world.

I've been a little bit of slacker on riding my bike this winter. I'd do a week of riding and then give up for a month, and then repeat. I have to stick to it this month though because I'm on a bike to work team! I biked 36 miles this week (three round trips). This week I should do at least four round trips. My team (the Bipedal Foragers) was a few miles behind the other archaeology team on Friday so I biked into work yesterday to put us up by 5 miles, yeah!

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