Monday, May 23, 2011

Rain Rain Rain

Dad and I relaxing in the new recliners

I'm not convinced the Rapture isn't happening in Kodiak; it's time to prepare the ark. It's been raining so hard since last night that the entire yard is a puddle as you can see. I did make it into Kodiak though, as did everyone else on our crew. Now our problem is going to be getting out of Kodiak and down to Karluk Lake in a Beaver (float plane). We were supposed to leave at 11 this morning, but that is definitely not happening. We're supposed to call the pilot again at 1 for a check-in, but I am sure we won't be leaving today, and probably not tomorrow either. It's disappointing to be stuck in town, but on the other hand, it would not be fun to be camping and working in this weather.

The good thing about all this rain is that the rivers and really high. The Karluk River is a pretty shallow river, and even though we'll be going down it with two inflatable canoes over the next two weeks, we've heard that most of the time it is so shallow you have to pull your rafts. Hopefully the water will be high enough now that we'll actually be able to float.

The only break in the doom and gloom forecast isn't until Friday. Hopefully we make it out of here before then!

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