Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just another day of fishing in Kodiak

Laura, Cecil, and Dad heading out in the skiff

Bringing in a fish


Easy fishing!

Judy filleting cod

Dad and I went out with Judy, Cecil, Justine, and Laura in their skiff to fish for halibut. We found a good spot off of Chiniak and let our lines out. After a few minutes of nada, Laura got a bite. All of a sudden Judy and Justine were reeling in a catch at the same time! They all caught cod and Judy actually had two on her line. After that we started pulling them in left and right. Seriously. Every line we put a line down came up just a few seconds later with cod. I caught two. We couldn't even get our hooks down deep enough to have any chance of catching halibut. In just a few minutes we caught 11 cod. There were so many that we had to leave!

Unofortunately we didn't really have any luck with halibut, even in a new (cod-free) spot. Laura caught a tiny one which she threw back and almost had a good one in the boat when it got away. We did see several sea otters and a harbor porpoise though. And we had fresh fish for dinner. Just another day in Kodiak.

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