Thursday, July 7, 2011

Strawberry Lemonade

I'm still on my homemade lemonade kick. Strawberry lemonade is my newest flavor. According to my food critic, Ryan, "It's like drinking strawberries." Because I just use a regular blender to make the juice, it comes out with a lot of pulp. I don't really mind the pulp most of the time, but some batches have come out more chunky than others. Ryan's not all that crazy about that pulp either. After like four batches of pulpy lemonade, it finally occurred to me to use our tea strainer for the lemonade. It's not perfect, but it works if you don't have a fancy Vitamix or juicer.

Perhaps I should also put in a public service announcement that the pulp contains lots of fiber which helps your body break down and process the sugars in the fruit - this is why fruit juice is not as good for you as whole fruit. I've explained this to Ryan before, which is why he said drinking the strawberry lemonade, while delicious and smooth, made him feel guilty. So tonight we came up with a compromise: I strained about half of the pulp out and left the rest. We'll just keep telling ourselves that tiny bit of pulp left makes a difference!

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