Saturday, November 26, 2011

Art on the Avenue

There is a lovely riverfront park in downtown Wenatchee that has open grassy spaces and a pedestrian/bike trail that goes along the river. It is also home to the "Art along the Avenue" sculpture park. Some of the sculptures were kind of cool, but a lot of them were just weird. Which is how I feel about most sculpture art. For some reason, I usually just don't get it. So here is our review of the Wenatchee sculptures:

"Unanswered Question"
This sculpture of a person missing one arm was just a little odd to me. Ryan found it downright creepy.

"The Wait"
I was thoroughly confused by this one. It's a chunk of granite, cut and polished into a shape that looks like a seat. Ryan said it was uncomfortable. The strangest part though is that the sign said $3000. This was the only sculpture in the park with a price tag. Is it really for sale and if so, what is it doing with a bunch of sculptures that aren't?

The ball (I don't recall the title of this one)
This ball was pretty cool, although much more interesting when I stuck the camera through one side and caught just the pattern on the opposite side. It's a combination of several designs, so when you look through the entire ball, I don't think it's particularly pretty. This was probably my favorite piece of art in the park though.

I wish I had noted the title of this one, it was probably something clever. Somehow I doubt it was titled "The Right Foot." While very cool and realistic, I found this to be the weirdest sculpture in the park. A giant foot? In the middle of a park? WHY?

An otter in a riverfront park, now there is a sculpture I can appreciate.

"The Earth is our Mother"
It's a globe and yes, that is a baby inside, connected to the Earth by an umbilical cord. I have to say, this one is pretty weird too, but unlike the foot, at least I "get it."

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