Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A few more pictures from Wenatchee

Agricultural land on top of a plateau east of the Columbia

A rainbow in Dry Gulch

Exposed rock in a trench in Dry Gulch

Hiking in Dry Gulch
On our last day in Wenatchee we went for a short hike in an area called Dry Gulch. At one time there was a mining operation there but it has since been turned into public use land, in part to ensure that the contaminated soil there is not disturbed by future development (lovely place for recreation, right?). Ryan had a field day looking at the rock which has been exposed by the mining. It was actually really interesting - layers of sandstone and different conglomerates not far from basalt flows. Ryan hypothesized that this contact could have resulted in some interesting mineralization, explaining why there was a mining operation here.

The views were beautiful and besides some especially sticky mud and ice, the trails were great. I can see how it would be nice to live in a small-enough town again to have a recreation area like this right outside your back door. Then again, I love the convenient public transportation that comes with living in a big city, not to mention being near a major airport. However, the views from my treadmill are nothing like this.


  1. There is a gym in our new apartment building and I'm more excited than I thought I would be about using it. Merely because it at least gives me the option to exercise. Sometimes I feel like I MUST be getting exercise because I'm drenched in sweat all the time. But the reality is that its just too hot to exert yourself outside so I'm enjoying the views of the Petronas Towers from my treadmill! - Ann Marie

  2. Cool! What's your new neighborhood like??