Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ride in the Rain

The view from under my umbrella on campus today
I joined a Ride in the Rain team this month - a program at UW to encourage bike community in November. November happens to be one of (or maybe the) rainiest months in Seattle. The way the program works is you go to a website and log your miles every week. My team members averaged 24.4 miles each last week. How awesome is that!?!

Ride in the Rain was exactly the motivation I needed to get off my lazy butt in the morning and get on my bike. I even got all set up this fall with new rain paints, a new raincoat, a new helmet, and new lights. I have no excuse not to bike at least one way every day. I did slack off for the entire last month so I am glad Ride in the Rain came along to get me back on my bike! I do have to admit that I didn't get myself together until this week though. I missed the entire first week of Ride in the Rain. Which is really too bad because the weather was so nice!! It has been an atypically pleasant early November. I even saw 58 degrees a few days ago.

Yesterday the weather turned though and we are now in full-on downpour mode. Even some occasional wind which is unusual here. But a little rain and wind will not stop this Alaskan from biking for the rest of November.

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