Monday, December 26, 2011

Palmer Christmas

Cross/Rosier Family Photo

Oliver checking out his stocking on Christmas morning (still dark outside!)

Oliver and his grandpa hangin' out on the couch
Henry and Uncle Ryan
We're in Palmer for Christmas - chilling out in the 10 degree weather. There is lots of snow here and not a whole lot of daylight, but some of us (adults) did get outside to enjoy a little sun both yesterday and today. Mostly we've been enjoying playing inside with our nephew Oliver, 2 1/2, and passing around our new nephew Henry, 4 months. With so many people around, Oliver is rarely at a loss for someone to play with. When we do neglect him for even a minute, he finds the largest congregation of adults and says "I need one of you guys to play with me" as he points around the room the room. Sometimes he points of each of us individually and says "you, or you, or you." It's a hard request to refuse. Although, if you agree to play with Oliver, you are almost surely agreeing to drive the "little orange car" while Oliver drives the train around his little wooden train track. For hours.

This is the first time I've gotten to spend much time with Henry since he was born. He's such a chill baby and he loves to smile. At everyone. Here are a couple of photos of him on the floor being entertained by Grandma.

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