Monday, December 12, 2011

TEMA Testing on Lake Union

TEMA riding on the stern on the Ugle Duckling

Towing the TEMA on Lake Union

A sail boat passing in front of Gas Works Park

The Ballard Bridge - one of two old draw bridges between Fisherman's Terminal and Lake Union
Over the last couple of days at work we have been testing the TEMA on Lake Union. This is a great time of year to be out on the water testing equipment. The weather has been cold but unusually clear.  It's not hard to dress for the cold when it is not raining or windy.

Lake Union can be an extremely busy place in the summer, but this time of year there are as many floats planes coming and going as boats. Fisherman's Terminal, where we keep the Ugle Duckling, is a ghost town in the winter. We had no trouble finding parking or getting access to one of the dock cranes. It's nice to get a different perspective of the city skyline from the water and we always enjoy looking at all the work boats tied up between the lake and Fisherman's Terminal.

It was extremely bright out most of the day on the lake but I did manage to snap a few good photos as the sun was going down around 3:30.  I was amazed at how green Gas Works Park looked.  With the sail boat in the foreground it was easy to forget that this is December.

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