Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter escape to the Cross family cabin

When we decided that we would visit our families during the holidays I wanted to be sure we had enough time for a trip to my parent's cabin.  The cabin which is north of Talkeetna was built my my parents in the early 1970s.  They lived there until about the time I was born but have kept the cabin for weekend visits.

Winter is a fun time to visit.  It is easy to ride the snowmachines there and the cabin is nice and cozy once you get it warmed up.  The temperatures stayed in the the single digits but a roaring fire in the old Fisher wood stove got it warmed up inside by dinner time.

While we waited for the fire to warm up the cabin we stayed warm by removing a large spruce tree that had fallen on the cabin.  The tree was one of that largest near the cabin and probably snapped at off at its base during the high winds this fall.  The tree struck the roof of the upper bedroom and managed to break two spruce polls in the eve.  A few feet of snow had fallen since the tree came down which made it just that much more difficult to cut up the tree.  We managed to clear the tree off the cabin but my Dad will need to return soon to patch holes in the roof.  Hopefully this summer we will find time to repair the roof more thoroughly.

Molly looked back at some old photos and determined it had been eight years since she had been to the cabin in the winter.  We had tried to go there at Christmas three years ago but the temperatures had been too cold.  Hopefully it won't be too long before we return.

Working on removing a large spruce tree that had fallen on the cabin

shoveling several feet of snow off the spruce tree

Molly standing on the edge of the frozen lake

Ready to leave

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