Saturday, December 17, 2011

Urban Rock Climbing

Basalt columns at the Mountaineers Facility at Warren G Magnuson Park
Ryan Wopschall leading the North Dihedral

Ryan checking out the office summit registry

The weather has been so nice lately that my friend Ryan and I decided to take a little time to go climbing at the Mountaineers facility here in Seattle.  The Mountaineers Club owns a building at Warren G Magnason Park and has an outdoor climbing wall that is free and open to the public.  Last winter Ryan and I would occasionally head to the wall to get outside and keep our skills sharp.  This summer they added a series of basalt rock columns.

The columns of basalt are bolted together alowing climbers to get a realisitc crack climbing experience. They have bolted anchors at the top but otherwise it is necessary to use real climbing hardware to protect the route as you climb.  Ryan led and I followed up two different routes on the columns. The climbing was difficult but the pitch was not more than 35' high.

We found it amusing that the Mountaineers Club has placed an official summit log on the top stating that the elevation is 85'.  Ryan wrote that we ascended the route via "The North Dihedral".  We are considering heading back on the morning of January 1st so we can get the first official winter ascent.

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