Sunday, June 10, 2012

Food in Jars Book Signing

Marisa signing my book today
My collection of canning books
Today I got to meet the lovely author of Food in Jars - the book and the blog. Marisa writes about canning, using canned goods, and other uses for jars. Her blog has been a treasure trove of information about the technicalities of canning and her writing and recipes have inspired more than a few of my canning/baking successes. Her first cookbook was just published in May and I ordered it right away. It's not only full of mouthwatering recipes from everything from classic jams to carmelized red onion relish, it's a pleasure to read. I don't usually read cookbooks just for fun, sometimes I flip through if they have nice pictures, but read? No. This one, however, I read from cover to cover in one afternoon.

Ryan and I showed up to The Book Larder this morning to watch Marisa make strawberry vanilla jam (a good choice for a demonstration because the berries and vanilla smell delicious as they cook down). She then signed books and we got to chat for a few minutes before tasting the jam and some pickled garlic scapes. Marisa is just as entertaining in person as she is in her writing and I'm so glad I got to meet her!

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  1. Molly, it was so fun to meet you on Sunday! Thanks so, so much for coming to the signing!