Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mason Lake Hike

Jennie and Natasha near the Mason Lake/Bandera Mountain Trail Junction

Natasha and Jennie at our first good view point

Low cloud ceiling

Natasha, Jennie, and myself near the top
This morning Jennie, Natasha, and I headed up the Mason Lake Trail in the I-90 corridor. We had originally planned to hike Bandera Mountain, but the weather wasn't particularly great and as Jennie has been there before, she said the climb was definitely not worth it without a view. So we took another fork of the trail intending to head to Mason Lake. We didn't make it all the way as the last mile had quite a bit of snow and other hikers told us it probably wasn't worth it. It was still a great hike though. The weather was decent and this trail is extremely well-maintained and very pleasant to hike on.

We were relieved that is stopped raining shortly after we started hiking as Jennie didn't have a raincoat (how can someone who hikes in the Pacific NW all the time not have a raincoat you might ask???). It's a long story, but she will definitely be getting a new one soon! It was unusually warm and humid today though (and by warm I mean in the 60's) so we were in t-shirts most of the way. Jennie had the right idea wearing shorts - I wish I had too. I'm not used to it being muggy and warm when it's drizzly and grey. In these conditions I always pack like I'm in Alaska. It's hard to get used to the idea that it's not always cold when it's raining!

A raindrop photo - just because I love the macro feature on my camera

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