Monday, June 25, 2012

Raspberries in June

One of the most amazing things about living in this climate (despite the June Gloom everyone is complaining about) is that my raspberries are ripe before the end of June. To give you a comparison to what I was used to in Kodiak, three weeks ago my mom told me that her raspberries were just leafing out - crazy what a difference ten degrees of latitude makes.

I am also thrilled at the overgrown mess that has become our raspberry patch. When we bought the house three years ago we didn't have any raspberries but our neighbor did right on the other side of the fence. We didn't mow right along the fence so that the raspberries would start coming up on our side. Then when the house next door sold, the new owner didn't like the raspberries on his side. I offered to dig them up and transplant them to our yard. After I moved them he couldn't believe that I hadn't left any holes in his yard. He couldn't even find where the bushes had been. I explained that I am an expert at digging holes and then filling them in.

Our neighbor's grapes and our raspberries


  1. so did you find anything cool when digging up the raspberries? Patrick

  2. Just a lot of unsorted gravel and cobbles. It's actually really annoying to try to dig a hole around here!