Friday, August 31, 2012

Blackberry Season

I've been happy to get back to Seattle just in time for the start of the urban blackberry season during which I usually wander around my neighborhood with a ziplock bag trying not to get hit by cars and trying not to look like I'm actually in anyone else's yard. I've started a new routine this year where I put a quart-size bag in my little running pouch, I scope out good blackberry patches on my run, and when I've had enough running, I hit up one or two of them on my way home.

Today I stopped at two on my bike just before I got home and the ripe berries were pretty sparse - somebody else must be out there picking! Surprising because I have never, in six years here, ever seen anyone else out braving the giant thorns and the big ugly spiders.

It's worth it for the blackberry pancakes though.

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