Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nephew Time

Oliver, Mollie, Mark and Henry on Henry's birthday!
Oliver decorating the cake
Cake decorating by Oliver (note to self - next time check the lids on the containers of sprinkles)
The birthday boy enjoying some of Grandma's chocolate rhubarb cake
Before I left Alaska I had a chance to hang out with my nephews a little bit in Anchorage and even got to be there for Henry's first birthday. He looked a little bewildered when the cake and candle was put in front of him, but his big brother knew exactly what to do to help blow it out!

After cake Henry opened a few presents while Oliver watched a little enviously. I think this series of photos is just too funny as Oliver creeps in hoping to get a chance to try out the new toy.

Oliver and Grandpa, reading about their favorite subject
I also had the chance to go to the Anchorage museum with Mollie and the boys. I should have taken some photos of Oliver there. He is at such a great age for new things. In addition to the Imaginarium downstairs, Oliver loves the "real" exhibits upstairs. There are several reconstructions of ancient Native Alaskan house styles. After I pointed out to him that one of them had dirt on the walls and roof for insulation, he ran around to all of the other houses, pointing out which ones also had dirt. His enthusiasm is contagious. He also really liked a rack of drying salmon with an eagle on top. Just around the corner from the drying salmon was a case with whole salmon inside. He looked at the whole salmon, looked back over at the drying salmon fillets, and said "that's what they look like on the inside?!?"

After a good half and hour of real exhibits we went down to the Imginarium where Oliver played with the little wooden train set, which he told me is his favorite part of the museum.

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  1. Love sharing the birthday party with you all, thanks for the wonderful post, Susan Jones