Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Copper Ridge and Chilliwack Trail Photos

When we crossed the Chilliwack River we saw tons of spawning salmon. It was a little stinky, but still cool. I'm glad my underwater photos turned out because it was cold! The section of trail along the Chilliwack River is through old growth forest. There were a lot of very impressive trees as well as some very impressive avalanche destruction zones. Most of those were full of thick brush which is where we came upon a black bear chowing down on berries. It was maybe only 15' off the trail, I couldn't see it though (Ryan got a glimpse). All I saw was bushes moving. It crashed away farther into the bushes, but only a few strides before it stopped. I think it did not want to leave its berry patch! We just made some noise and kept moving. With all those rotting salmon and ripe berries it wasn't really surprising to encounter a bear.

There was one river crossing along the Chilliwack Trail that has a cable car. The river can also be forded late in the summer when the water is low. We chose the cable car (we'd already had two river crossings that day and didn't really feel like taking our boots off again). I felt like I was in the Oregon Trail computer game when I came to this sign:

This cable car is not for those scared of heights!

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