Sunday, March 24, 2013

Leif to Leif 5K

Erik, the race organizer, in his finest Norwegian sweater

Ryan at Leif Erikson statue at Shilshole Marina

Shilshole Marina

Amanda and Stephanie at the finish
Yesterday we did our first 5K in a very long time - the Leif to Leif race in Ballard run by the Sons of Norway Lodge. It goes from the bust of Leif Erikson outside the lodge in Ballard to the Leif Erikson statue at Shilshole Marina (just in case you hadn't already guessed, Ballard was the Scandinavian immigrant neighborhood of Seattle in the first half of the 20th century). Our friend Erik is the sports director at the Sons of Norway Lodge and he organized the race. It's my kind of race because it's small, it only costs $10, there is no t-shirt, and half the proceeds go to the Ballard senior center.

It was a cold day for spring, but when it's calm and not raining, it's hard to complain!

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