Monday, March 25, 2013

Packing for the Move

Over the last few days we've packed up most of our house! I'm not moving out until June, but Ryan's dad offered to drive down with his trailer this spring before work gets busy for him and while I have a few days off from school (although between grading finals, turning in grades for 226 students, getting my next class ready for next Monday, and preparing my talk for the Northwest Anthropological Association Meetings in Portland later this week, it doesn't really feel like I'm off anything except having to lecture in Kane Hall at 11:30 three days a week) and take some stuff back to Alaska for us.

Ryan and Steve both got here late last week and we (well mostly them, given all the above reasons) managed to load over 4000 lbs of our worldly belongings into the trailer. It was really nice of Steve to offer to drive our stuff to Alaska but it still makes me question why on Earth we own so much stuff. And we've even made several trips to Goodwill over the last few months thinning it out!

Here is a photo story of the packing adventures of the last few days:

On Thursday night we packed some of our dishes and fragile belongings into the dresser drawers.
I'm going for the minimalist vibe for the next three months.

On Friday morning Ryan and Steve started filling the trailer with furniture in our first snow of the season (on the first day of spring) 
After emptying most of the bedrooms, half the living room, and half of the kitchen, Ryan moved on to the garage on Saturday.

On Sunday they stuffed the last few boxes and odd items into those spaces - pretty much everything they could scrounge up that I'm not going to need before June.

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