Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Everybody is Moving!

Ryan and our comfy chair all boxed up

We did even more packing this weekend but we still are not done! In three weeks Ryan will be down again and we'll take the rest of our stuff - all boxed or wraped-up - down to the Alaska Marine Lines facility in Fife, WA to be palletized and shipped to Anchorage. We've been scrounging cardboard from business dumpsters to protect our furniture that will be shipped. I think Ryan enjoys the challenge of wrapping odd-shaped items. The comfy chair and ottoman got a custom-made cardboard box (from a mattress store), duct tape, and then shrink wrap. I have to admit, the shrink wrap is kind of fun.

We have several friends who are buying houses this month or next. We've been lucky to be able to pawn off a lot of household and yard tools that we're not keeping on some of them - rakes, shovels, plants, spare ladders (we had three ladders for crying out loud), a treadmill. I saves us the time trying to get rid of odds and ends at the last minute.

Below our photos of our friends Jay and Jennie's new place in South Seattle. I helped with the painting a couple of weeks ago. It's amazing what a fresh coat of pain will do for an old house! Even though all the stuff is currently staged in the living room, you can tell the walls look great.

Just starting the corners (that was my job)

Half done!

Fresh paint and all the stuff moved in!

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