Sunday, May 5, 2013

More Packing!

This was another busy weekend of packing and cleaning the house (see, it is the never-ending move!). Ryan was here and while we did get a lot done, it's still a lot of work to keep the house clean and everything put away between now and when it goes on the market in three days...and however long it takes to get an acceptable offer. We had the kitchen counters all cleaned off by Saturday morning for the professional cleaners. Then we cooked Saturday night and cleaned them again. Then I cooked breakfast today, ate a cold lunch that still managed to use several dishes, cutting boards and utensils, and cooked dinner. I cleaned the counters four times just today. And ran the dishwasher twice. I seriously considered just giving up on eating at home and going out, but I'm going to be here for another month; that could get really expensive! So, tomorrow I'll get up extra early to make sure I have plenty of time to tidy up after breakfast before the professional photographers come.

Here's to hoping we get a good offer quickly so I can go back to leaving my cereal bowl on the counter in the morning until I have to move out for good.

I've also been going through all the canned goods we have left and making sure I eat can eat them all up before I leave. Today I opened red currant jam from my mom. Makes me feel like it's August and I'm eating currants straight off the bushes in her yard!

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