Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hiking St. George

There was no chance of a flight today, so we took the opportunity to explore the island by foot.  I had wanted to hike to the high bluffs so we started out with that in mind.  By the time we returned to the car we had walk to the far western end of the island and covered fifteen miles, not bad for a day with only 8.5 hours of daylight.  The temperatures stayed below freezing all day and the winds probably averaged 20 miles per hour placing the wind chill in the single digits.  The weather changed fast throughout the day and we experienced everything from sunshine and blue skies to snowing sideways whiteout.  Of course the views were very rewarding and we were excited to have found part of the reindeer herd.
When we returned to the hotel, Fred the only other hotel guest who had shot a reindeer two days earlier had prepared a big pot of reindeer stew.  What a great way to end the day.
Panorama photo from the high buffs looking east.  Most of St. George can be seen in this photo including the village on the far left side and the harbor on the far right.

Panorama photo from the high bluffs showing the western end of the island

A group of 11 male reindeer near the west end of St. George (photo courtesy of Jason) 

Standing at the far western point of St. George (photo courtesy of Jason)
Jason enjoying the view.

Jason carrying home a beautiful reindeer antler we found near the west end.

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